“Dr. Boland is my movement disorder neurologist for Parkinson’s disease. She is very knowledgeable and stays current with the variety of medications and treatments available. It is my nature to ask a lot of questions (I am retired from a career in a rehabilitation field). She clearly and patiently explains the pros and cons of each potential decision. I am grateful to have Dr. Boland on my team (which is crucial for living well with Parkinson’s) and I recommend her for someone who is looking for intelligent and practical advice on neurological issues.”
Rochelle B., Posted on Google
“Proper PD care requires an exceptional team – family, friends and medical professionals – to support, advise, and encourage you on the challenging path that each of us must travel at our own unique pace and perspective. In my nearly 10-year journey since being diagnosed with PD, I have been blessed with an all-star team. Dr. Deborah Boland has proven herself an exceptional asset to that team by virtue of her knowledge, experience, and – especially – her focus on both the individual and the family – in her evaluation and treatment of the disease. She has become such an essential advisor and team member as to have become indispensable to both me and my team, so much so that as we contemplate a move out of state for family reasons, our intention is to ” Be Mobile” as we travel back to the Tampa area expressly to retain Dr. Boland on the team and continue to benefit from her extraordinary level of care and support. I speak from long and varied personal experience. Trust me when I say, ‘You won’t, find a more qualified or committed neurologist for your team.’ Get Dr. Boland on your team!!!”
Bob R., Posted on Google
“My husband has had Parkinson’s for over 14 years now. He was treated in a renowned traditional movement disorder center for most of that time. Care was good but did not meet all his needs as his disease developed. Dr. Boland of Be Mobile Neurology has been my husband’s Neurologist for over a year now. The model of care she offers has been very effective in delivering individualized effective care to my husband. Her in-home visits allow her to see his living situation and its potential challenges, meet his family and have honest and open discussions. We have been very pleased with her professionalism and person centered care that she has provided.”
Grace A., Posted on Facebook
“Dr. Boland is knowledgeable, caring, and excellent at listening to her patients and translating complex medical information to terms and concepts lay people can use to live better today.”
Andrea M., Posted on Facebook
“Dr. Boland came into my life in January 2019. By then, I had gone through years of frustration going to different neurologists, who, in general, cannot spend more than 15 minutes with their patients. Since Dr. Boland came to my house for the first time, my condition has dramatically improved. She spent over two hours evaluating my condition. She is extremely thorough and takes her time to address all issues involved. She is on top of the latest treatment methods to fight PD and makes herself available by phone at any given time. I trust Dr. Boland completely. Thank you, Dr. Boland, for being so caring and giving me back a better quality of life.”
Gabriele S., Posted on Facebook
“Dr. Debbie Boland is the best! Thank you for the helpful information and support.”
Jill R., Posted on Facebook

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