Headache and Migraine Treatment Breakthroughs-

If new prescription drug ads for headache and migraine treatments have caught your attention, you are not alone.  Florida Neurologist Dr. Deborah Boland closely follows the latest advancements in FDA-approved migraine medications. She notes that innovative treatments, combined with at-home neurological care, offer new solutions for patients to treat ongoing headaches and migraines.

New Migraine Medications and Pain Relievers for Ongoing Headaches

In recent months, the FDA approved Rimegepant (Brand name: Nurtec ODT), the first orally dissolving and fast-acting tablet for acute migraine relief for adults. Ubrogepant (Brand name: Ubrelvy) is another acute migraine treatment in the same class of medication — known as CGRP inhibitors.  Ubrelvy comes in tablet form, but it is not orally dissolving like Nurtec ODT.

Additional migraine prevention products in the class of CGRP monoclonal antibodies include brand names such as Aimovig, Emgality, and Ajovy, which are injectable medications.

Notably, The FDA also approved the first intravenous migraine prevention drug.  Eptinezumab-jjmr (Brand name: Vyepti) is currently the only IV preventative treatment option for migraine sufferers. Reports tout these and other new medications as powerful, but results vary for each patient. That is why Dr. Boland evaluates the best possible treatments, prescriptions, over-the-counter pain relievers, and other solutions to help each unique patient.

When to See a Neurologist for Headaches or Migraine Pain

First, a neurological exam is critical to determine the cause of headaches or migraine pain. Before treatment can begin, your neurologist must evaluate any potential triggers or underlying conditions.

Conveniently, it is safe and simple to see a neurologist via an in-home neurologist visit.  Leveraging the convenience of innovative at-home treatments via phone or video consults means you can virtually see top neurologists at your convenience, wherever you reside.

Dr. Boland leads Be Mobile Neurology in delivering home healthcare across the Tampa Bay region, Sarasota and Bradenton areas, as well as Florida’s rural and other metro regions. Patients beyond Florida, up to places like North Carolina, also access Dr. Boland’s teleneurology services.

Telemedicine for Neurological Care and Prescription Management

As proven in studies, telemedicine services are effective for headache pain relief. The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center conducted a one-year study during which 22 out of 40 patients accessed telemedicine via audio-visual link. The other 18 scheduled in-office care. Both groups had a beneficial treatment response showing reduced headache severity overall.

Ultimately, telemedicine can eliminate travel and promote care efficiency. Telemedicine can also improve prescription management for monitoring, discussing results, and supporting better outcomes.

Contact Be Mobile Neurology at (813) 981-4403 to schedule a telemedicine appointment to discuss solutions for relieving your headache or migraine pain. Be sure to ask about our Direct Pay Care program for affordable options in annual Telehealth Memberships with unlimited telemedicine visits plus free text and e-mail consults.