10 Benefits of Direct Pay Care in Neurology   

Affordable healthcare is critical for managing neurological conditions. Due to COVID-19, unemployment, and insurance cuts, more neurology patients are searching for better coverage options.  America’s most savvy healthcare consumers, with and without traditional health insurance, have already discovered the benefits of Direct Primary Care (DPC). Described as “Direct Pay Care” for neurological specialties, DPC provides transparent, flat-rate, direct-payment systems between patients and physicians.

Florida-based Be Mobile Neurology has worked for years to innovate quick and cost-effective access to neurological care and telemedicine through Direct Pay Care programs. Local patients across the Tampa Bay and Sarasota regions, as well as a growing list of patients in other cities and rural regions beyond the state of Florida, easily schedule exams and prompt treatments without tedious insurance barriers.

Finding Value in DPC Membership Programs and Fee-For-Service Healthcare

Neurologist and founder of Be Mobile Neurology, Dr. Deborah Boland, D.O., MSPT, lists numerous benefits of her Direct Pay Care model.  Her practice leverages DPC as a reliable form of clear-cut health coverage designed to enhance patient access to high-quality neurological care, regardless of insurance, age, pre-existing conditions, or nature of illness.  Reasons to choose direct-pay programs include:

  1. Focus is on neurologic needs of the patient, rather than requirements of insurance companies.
  2. Appointments are set promptly, rather than long waits for specialists with insurance requirements.
  3. Neurologist spends more time seeing and treating the patient, as opposed to processing claims.
  4. Convenient visits and communications via calls, texts, emails, video conferencing, or in-person.
  5. Flat-rate and fee-for-service options offer affordability and flexibility for neurological patients.
  6. Affordable Monthly Memberships promote access to ongoing care while decreasing overall costs.
  7. Annual Telehealth Memberships offer unlimited telemedicine plus text and e-mail consults.
  8. Itemized bills are payable with cash, check, debit card, credit card, or health savings accounts.
  9. Patient may submit paid bills to private insurance for review and possible reimbursements.
  10. Patient remains free to use insurance to pay third parties for labs, imaging, and prescriptions.

“Put simply, without the administration burden of third-party billing and processing, I can spend more time with each patient,” said Dr. Boland. “Cost savings are passed to my patients through membership programs designed to save money and save lives.”

Patient-Centered Care and Innovative Treatments for Neurological Conditions

In reiteration, continued medical care is essential for neurologic conditions, especially during a pandemic. Abiding by all CDC guidelines, Dr. Boland offers convenient telemedicine services and DPC programs to ensure safety.  For example, through direct-pay telemedicine services via telephone or video, Dr. Boland may perform a basic neurologic exam, a medical interview, a discussion of treatment options, or observation of cognitive status and mobility, depending on your neurological care needs.

Read other articles about DPC Programs and review our affordable Pricing and Membership options.  Contact Be Mobile Neurology at (813) 981-4403 to discuss safe and cost-effective treatments for achieving your best possible health outcomes.