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Be Mobile Neurology provides cutting-edge, home-centered healthcare to people affected by Parkinson’s disease or other neurologic challenges.

Patient-Centered Care

Thank you for choosing Be Mobile Neurology as your healthcare provider. We offer the perfect blend of cutting-edge care with a touch of old-fashioned medicine. First as a Physical Therapist and later as a Neurologist at a hospital-centered practice, Dr. Deborah Boland witnessed the limitations and stress that traditional physician office visits placed on both patients with neurological issues and their caregivers. Through in-home visits and telemedicine, Be Mobile Neurology presents a solution, offering patients a membership model for healthcare services that allows them to save travel time, reduce anxiety, and receive focused attention in a comfortable setting.

As a patient, you receive state-of-the-art specialized neurologic care in the comfort of your place of residence and unparalleled access to your physician. Because the majority of neurologic diseases do not yet have a cure, we focus on developing an individualized treatment strategy that allows you to live a fuller life despite a neurodegenerative disease process. We are always willing to ensure our plan of care also includes the family and caregivers.

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